Said M. Elhalafawy

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This paper presents a robust speaker identification method from degraded speech signals. This method is based on the Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) for feature extraction from the degraded speech signals and the wavelet transform of these signals. It is known that the MFCCs based speaker identification method is not robust enough in the(More)
The dual polarized reflector antenna used for satellite communications consists of two reflectors; one reflector is solid, the other consists of metal grid. The structure is complicated and the bandwidth is narrow. This antenna structure can be simplified by removing the metal grid and using the solid reflector together with a thin electromagnetic band gap(More)
Cognitive relay networks (CRNs) combine cognitive radio technique and cooperative relay technology. Cognitive radio offers a tempting solution to increase spectrum usage efficiency by proposing opportunistic usage of frequency bands between primary and secondary users. Many techniques are used to improve the performance of the cognitive relay networks. One(More)
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