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In manufacturing the interaction between the design of a product and the process to manufacture this product is studied in detail. Consider for example Material Requirements Planning (MRP), which is mainly driven by the Bill-Of-Material (BOM). For information-intensive products such as insurance, loans, permits, and many other services, the relationship(More)
Cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and systems software in the datacenters that provide those services. Failures of any type are common in current datacenters, partly due to the number of nodes. Fault tolerance has become a major task for computer engineers and software developers because(More)
Reliability refers to the probability that a system will offer failure-free service for a specified period of time within the bounds of a specified environment. For the cloud, reliability is broadly a function of the reliability of four individual components: 1) the hardware and software facilities offered by providers; 2) the provider’s personnel; 3)(More)
As cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, cloud storage services attract more attentions for their high security and availability with a low cost. One way to provide availability and scalability is by the use of replication, which places multiple copies of the data in different servers in order to survive to server failures (availability) and to(More)
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