Said Kamel Awad

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In this article, we present a new method for the generation of surface meshes of biological soft tissue. The method is based on the deformable surface model technique and is extended to histological data sets. It relies on an iterative adjustment towards polygonal segments describing the histological structures of the soft tissue. The generated surface(More)
  • A A Ahmed, Neamat I Bassuony, Set El-Habiab, S Awad, A M Aiad, S A Mohamed
  • 2013
Twenty four buffalo calves weighted 120.49±0.7 Kg and 4.5±0.3 month of age were selected and divided randomly into 4 similar groups (6 animals each) in 140 days feeding trial. All calves in the different groups were fed similar basal diet of concentrate feed mixture (CFM), berseem hay (BH) and rice straw (RS). First group (D , control) fed the basal diet.(More)
  • Nabil T M Eldabe, Afaf S Zaghrout, Hameda M Shawky, Amera, S Awad
  • 2013
In this work, we investigated the peristaltic motion of a non-Newtonian fluid which obeying power-law model, with heat and mass transfer through an asymmetric channel. The wall properties and chemical reaction are considered. This phenomena is modeled mathematically by a system of governing equations which are continuity, momentum with heat and mass. These(More)
Competing concepts exist regarding surgery for instance of the cleft lip and palate to date. Morphology-based simulations at histological scale may one day be used to help the surgeon predict the possible outcome of a variety of approaches. It however can be a challenge to generate volume meshes that are applicable to the mathematical modelling of(More)
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