Said Hadjerrouit

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Blended learning is becoming an attractive model in higher education as new innovative information technologies are becoming increasingly available. However, just blending face-to-face learning with information technologies cannot provide effective teaching and efficient solutions for learning. To be successful, blended learning must rely on solid learning(More)
During the past several years, there has been a growing demand for skilled software engineers, a demand that, unfortunately, has not been satisfied, resulting in a variety of problems for the discipline. This paper presents a new approach called learner-centered Web-based instruction in software engineering that can be used to educate skilled engineers. The(More)
Due to the new possibilities it opens up on the Web, the Java paradigm has received much attention. As a result, many universities and colleges have introduced Java into their undergraduate computer science curriculum. However, the novelty and popularity of a language do not automatically imply its suitability for the learning of introductory programming.(More)
The educational use of Java at the introductory level is still in its infancy and effective teaching strategies are only beginning to emerge. Java is a new technology designed to promote a new computing paradigm. To produce a new generation of students skilled in Java, undergraduate computer science should be taught from the perspective of developing a(More)
Within the last few years constructivism has attracted both computer science and software engineer educators, because of its potential for improving academic learning. Currently, however, the application of constructivism is limited to examples in specific contexts so that it is difficult to transfer them to other institutions or even other courses. To(More)
E-Learning provides a potentially powerful tool for implementing educational requirements rooted in learning theories. But still, much of the development of e-Learning is carried out without a true understanding of how learning theories can be translated into pedagogical requirements that can be implemented using learning technologies. This is because(More)