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Smarandache (1995) defined the notion of neutrosophic sets, which is a generalization of Zadeh's fuzzy set and Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy set. In this paper, we first develop some similarity measures of neutrosophic sets. We will present a method to calculate the distance between neutrosophic sets (NS) on the basis of the Hausdorff distance. Then we(More)
Multi-attribute decision making (MADM). Play an important role in many applications, due to the efficiency to handle indeterminate and inconsistent information, single valued neutrosophic sets is widely used to model indeterminate information. In this paper, a new MADM method based on neutrosophic trapezoid linguistic weighted arithmetic averaging(More)
In this paper, the correlation measure of neutrosophic refined(multi-) sets is proposed. The concept of this correlation measure of neutrosophic refined sets is the extension of correlation measure of neutrosophic sets and intuitionistic fuzzy multi-sets. Finally, using the correlation of neutrosophic refined set measure, the application of medical(More)
In this paper we present a new concept called “generalized neutrosophic soft set”. This concept incorporates the beneficial properties of both generalized neutrosophic set introduced by A.A.Salama [7] and soft set techniques proposed by Molodtsov [4]. We also study some properties of this concept. Some definitions and operations have been introduced on(More)
The single valued neutrosophic graph is a new version of graph theory presented recently as a generalization of fuzzy graph and intuitionistic fuzzy graph. The single valued neutrosophic graph (SVN-graph) is used when the relation between nodes (or vertices) in problems are indeterminate. In this paper, we examine the properties of various types of degrees,(More)
The interval neutrosophic uncertain linguistic variables can easily express the indeterminate and inconsistent information in real world, and TOPSIS is a very effective decision making method more and more extensive applications. In this paper, we will extend the TOPSIS method to deal with the interval neutrosophic uncertain linguistic information, and(More)