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In this paper, we first introduced the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy soft expert sets (IFSESs for short) which combines intuitionistic fuzzy sets and soft expert sets. We also define its basic operations, namely complement, union, intersection, AND and OR, and study some of their properties. This concept is a generalization of fuzzy soft expert sets(More)
Smarandache (1995) defined the notion of neutrosophic sets, which is a generalization of Zadeh's fuzzy set and Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy set. In this paper, we first develop some similarity measures of neutrosophic sets. We will present a method to calculate the distance between neutrosophic sets (NS) on the basis of the Hausdorff distance. Then we(More)
Hesitancy is the most common problem in decision making, for which hesitant fuzzy set can be considered as a useful tool allowing several possible degrees of membership of an element to a set. Recently, another suitable means were defined by Zhiming Zhang [1], called interval valued intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy sets, dealing with uncertainty and vagueness,(More)
In this paper we present a new concept called " generalized neutrosophic soft set ". This concept incorporates the beneficial properties of both generalized neutrosophic set introduced by A.A.Salama [7] and soft set techniques proposed by Molodtsov [4]. We also study some properties of this concept. Some definitions and operations have been introduced on(More)
Anjan Mukherjee [43] ntroduced the concept of interval valued intuitionstic fuzzy soft relation. In this paper we will extend this concept to the case of interval valued neutrosophic soft relation(IVNSS relation for short) which can be discussed as a generalization of soft relations, fuzzy soft relation, intuitionstic fuzzy soft relation, interval valued(More)
In this paper, we have firstly redefined the notion of neutrosophic soft set and its operations in a new way to handle the indeterminate information and inconsistent information which exists commonly in belief systems. Then, we defined neutrosophic soft matrix and their operators which are more functional to make theoretical studies and application in the(More)
In this paper several distance and similarity measures of interval neutrosophic soft sets are introduced. The measures are examined based on the geometric model, the set theoretic approach and the matching function.Finally,we have successfully shown an application of this similarity measure of interval neutrosophic soft sets. In 1965, fuzzy set theory was(More)