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IEEE 802.22: An Introduction to the First Wireless Standard based on Cognitive Radios
In November/2004, we witnessed the formation of the first worldwide effort to define a novel wireless air interface (i.e., MAC and PHY) standard based on Cognitive Radios (CRs): the IEEE 802.22Expand
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IEEE 802.11 e contention-based channel access (EDCF) performance evaluation
IEEE 802.11 e medium access control (MAC) is an emerging supplement to the IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) standard to support quality-of-service (QoS). The 802.11e MAC is based onExpand
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Dynamic spectrum access in open spectrum wireless networks
One of the reasons for the limitation of bandwidth in current generation wireless networks is the spectrum policy of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But, with the spectrum policy reform,Expand
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What and how much to gain by spectrum agility?
Static spectrum allocation prohibits radio devices from using spectral bands designated for others. As a result, some bands are under-utilized while other bands are over-populated with radio devices.Expand
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The MBOA-WiMedia specification for ultra wideband distributed networks
The WiMedia Alliance is undertaking the development of an UWB-based system specification with participation from more than 170 companies. UWB technology will provide data rates up to 480 Mb/s withinExpand
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Cross-layer wireless multimedia transmission: challenges, principles, and new paradigms
Wireless networks are poised to enable a variety of existing and emerging multimedia streaming applications. As the use of wireless local area networks spreads beyond simple data transfer toExpand
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Analysis of Aggregated Interference at DTV Receivers in TV Bands
Several efforts are now underway to develop wireless technologies based on cognitive radios (CR) that can operate in the television (TV) band white space. One such example is the IEEE 802.22 WorkingExpand
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Enhancements to Cognitive Radio Based IEEE 802.22 Air-Interface
The IEEE 802.22 standard for wireless regional area network is the first standard for cognitive radio that tries to harness the idle or under-utilized spectrum allocated for TV bands. Two majorExpand
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Provisioning Quality Controlled Medium Access in UltraWideBand-Operated WPANs
Quality of service (QoS) provisioning is one of the most important criteria in newly emerging UWB-operated WPANs, as they are expected to support a wide variety of applica- tions fromExpand
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Self-coexistence among interference-aware IEEE 802.22 networks with enhanced air-interface
Abstract IEEE 802.22 is a cognitive radio-based Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN) standard that allows opportunistic access to idle or underutilized sub-900 MHz TV bands by unlicensed (secondary)Expand
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