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A data mining approach to improve re-accessibility and delivery of learning knowledge objects. Abstract Today Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become an integral part of learning mechanism of both learning institutes and industry. A Learning Object (LO) can be one of the atomic components of LMS. A large amount of research is conducted into(More)
The most important dimension of learning is the content, and a Learning Management System (LMS) suffices this to a certain extent. The present day LMS are designed to primarily address issues like ease of use, search, content and performance. Many surveys had been conducted to identify the essential features required for the improvement of LMS, which(More)
Tangible User Interface (TUI) started with the invention of mouse and keyboard. Since the last two decades, TUI has experienced tremendous growth and has provided us with a link between the physical and the digital world. Even though, MIT Tangible Lab develops several tangible interface models every year, the research work in TUI is still in its infancy and(More)
The growth of the economy of a country is affected by several factors like economic system, natural resources, social organisation, literacy rate, skilled manpower, etc. Higher education also plays an important role in the economic growth of a country. The Indian education sector has a lot of data that can produce valuable information. In recent times data(More)
Data mining is an important research activity in the field of medical sciences since there is a requirement of efficient methodologies for analyzing and detecting diseases. Data mining applications are used for the management of healthcare, health information, patient care system, etc. It also plays a major role in analyzing survivability of a disease.(More)
The large volume of data in all fields across the globe has to be managed and is used by the decision makers to obtain something productive out of it. The big data of 14000×5 of Harvard University online course is analysed to find the performance metrics of registered students from different countries by means of K-mean clustering method. The(More)
BCI (Brain Computer Interface) can act as permanent solution and new approach of communication through which subject can communicate with the system and can directly control devices which maximizes the capability of individual. As BCI does not require for any exterior muscular activity, there it develops a possibility for a device to be regulated by the(More)
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