Sai Matsunaga

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of gamma knife surgery (GKS) for the control of peritumoral oedema associated with metastatic brain tumours. METHODS A retrospective study of 280 consecutive metastatic brain tumours-100 from lung cancers, 100 from breast cancers and 80 from renal-cell carcinomas, associated with peritumoral oedema. The peritumoral(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the laterality of muscle fiber conduction velocity in biceps brachii for badminton players, who have stronger arm in the handedness side for long term training. The muscle fiber conduction velocity was calculated from the propagation time of the action potentials along the muscle fibers and the electrode(More)
AIM The aim of the current study was to investigate circulating adiponectin levels and their associated factors in young lean healthy Japanese women. METHODS We recruited 82 healthy Japanese women in their twenties and thirties with their body mass index <25 kg/m(2), and performed anthropometric, sphygmomanometric, and laboratory examinations. Laboratory(More)
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