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—Collaborative filtering is one of the widely used technologies in the e-commerce recommender systems. It can predict the interests of a user based on the rating information of many other users. But the traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm has the problems such as lower recommendation precision and weaker robustness. To solve these(More)
The longicorn beetle Xylotrechus grayii (White, 1855) has been spreading rapidly in China, causing mass mortality of honeysuckle which is economically and medicinally important. In order to elucidate the mechanisms of mate and host location and to advance efficient control methods, antennal sensilla features were investigated in both sexes of X. grayii(More)
BACKGROUND The past decade witnessed an increment in the incidence of hand foot mouth disease (HFMD) in the Pacific Asian region; specifically, in Guangzhou China. This emphasized the requirement of an early warning system designed to allow the medical community to better prepare for outbreaks and thus minimize the number of fatalities. METHODS Samples(More)
Interleukin 37 (IL-37) has been reported to play a significant role in innate immune response and to be involved in several kinds of cancers. However, the investigation of association between IL-37 and oral mucosa carcinogenesis hasn't been clearly established. The aim of the study was to assess IL-37 expression and explore its role in oral mucosa(More)
Public health interventions must address poor diet among U.S. children, but research is needed to better understand factors influencing children's food choices. Using an online grocery store simulation, this research piloted a novel method to assess children's snack selection in a controlled but naturalistic laboratory setting, evaluate predictors of(More)
Certain obligate or facultative anaerobic bacteria, which exhibit an inherent ability to colonize solid tumors in vivo, may be used in tumor targeting. As genetically manipulated bacteria may actively and specifically penetrate into the tumor tissue, bacterial therapy is becoming a promising approach in the treatment of tumors. However, to the best of our(More)
Dans cet article, nous proposons une architecture pour le développement de systèmes de cloud computing nouveaux et expérimentaux. Le système proposé vise à renforcer les capacités de calcul, de communication et d'analyse de services de navigation routière par la fusion de plusieurs technologies indépendantes, à savoir les systèmes de navigation embarqués(More)