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To overcome current limitations in wound dressings for treating mustard-burn induced septic wound injuries, a nonadherent wound dressing with sustained anti-microbial capability has been developed. The wound dressing consists of two layers: the upper layer is a carboxymethyl-chitin hydrogel material, while the lower layer is an anti-microbial impregnated(More)
A 1.5-V 100-mA CMOS low-dropout regulator based on a novel structure, with a double pole-zero cancellation scheme and a linearly operated power PMOS transistor at dropout to enhance the loop-gain response, is presented. The circuit realization is well-studied and developed with respect to the loop-gain response, the transient response, the output noise and(More)
Decontamination of chemical agents from the skin uses both dry and wet decontamination processes. Recent studies have shown that wet decontamination frequently results in stratum corneum hydration. To evaluate the hydration effect of wet decontamination on the skin barrier function and hence on the decontamination efficiency, a series of comparative studies(More)
This paper presents a high PSRR full on-chip and area efficient low dropout voltage regulator (LDO), exploiting the nested miller compensation technique with active capacitor (NMCAC) to eliminate the external capacitor. A novel technique is used to boost the important characteristic for wireless applications regulators PSRR. The idea is applied to stabilize(More)
Computer-aided three-dimensional reconstruction of the apex of a cochlea and microscopic evaluation of 14 clinically and histologically normal temporal bones were used to demonstrate that what appears to be distention of Reissner's membrane is normal anatomy. The apparent distention is the transition area between the circular insertion of the apex of the(More)
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