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This paper presents the tuning of the structure and parameters of a neural network using an improved genetic algorithm (GA). It is also shown that the improved GA performs better than the standard GA based on some benchmark test functions. A neural network with switches introduced to its links is proposed. By doing this, the proposed neural network can(More)
A new hybrid particle swarm optimization (PSO) that incorporates a wavelet-theory-based mutation operation is proposed. It applies the wavelet theory to enhance the PSO in exploring the solution space more effectively for a better solution. A suite of benchmark test functions and three industrial applications (solving the load flow problems, modeling the(More)
—An improved hybrid particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based wavelet neural network (WNN) for Modeling the development of Fluid Dispensing for Electronic Packaging (MFD-EP) is presented in this paper. In modeling the fluid dispensing process, it is important to understand the process behavior as well as determine the optimum operating conditions of the(More)
Hypoglycemia or low blood glucose is dangerous and can result in unconsciousness, seizures and even death for Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) patients. Based on the T1DM patients' physiological parameters, corrected QT interval of the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, change of heart rate, and the change of corrected QT interval, we have developed a neural(More)
This paper presents the classification of a three-class mental task-based brain-computer interface (BCI) that uses the Hilbert-Huang transform for the features extractor and fuzzy particle swarm optimization with cross-mutated-based artificial neural network (FPSOCM-ANN) for the classifier. The experiments were conducted on five able-bodied subjects and(More)