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Approaches to stabilize niosomal drug delivery system without affecting its properties of merits have resulted in the development of the promising drug carrier, proniosomes. Proniosomes is dry formulation using suitable carrier coated with non ionic surfactants and can be converted into niosomes immediately before use by hydration. These proniosome-derived(More)
Technological advancement and increasing availability of high-resolution satellite images, offer the potential for more accurate analyses, by which the detection and quantification of changes could improve greatly. Such remotely-sensed products are expensive and difficult to acquire, which not only prohibits but restricts their use to minimum. This paper(More)
The dynamic property of pervasive computing hinders users to have complete knowledge of the relationship among services, service providers, and credentials. The involvement of only the necessary users and service providers for service discovery in pervasive computing environments is challenging. Without prudence, users' and service providers' requests or(More)
Received on 1 st April 2015 Accepted on 5 th April 2015. Published on 8 th April 2015 This project addresses the problem of clock synchronization between a base station (BS) and a mobile station (MS). A conventional technique for clock synchronization is that the MS clock is derived from the downlink signal originated from a base station. In cellular(More)
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