Sahin Emrah Amrahov

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In this paper, linear systems with a crisp real coefficient matrix and with a vector of fuzzy triangular numbers on the right-hand side are studied. A new method, which is based on the geometric representations of linear transformations, is proposed to find solutions. The method uses the fact that a vector of fuzzy triangular numbers forms a rectangular(More)
In this paper, systems of linear differential equations with crisp real coefficients and with initial condition described by a vector of fuzzy numbers are studied. A new method based on geometric representations of linear transformations is proposed to find a solution. The most important difference between this method and methods offered in other papers is(More)
In this paper, a linear system of equations with crisp coefficients and fuzzy right-hand sides is investigated. All possible cases pertaining to the number of variables, n, and the number of equations, m, are dealt with. A solution is sought not as a fuzzy number vector, as usual, but as a fuzzy set of vectors. Each vector in the solution set solves the(More)
In this paper, we proposed a new efficient sorting algorithm based on insertion sort concept. The proposed algorithm called Bidirec-tional Conditional Insertion Sort (BCIS). It is in-place sorting algorithm and it has remarkably efficient average case time complexity when compared with classical insertion sort (IS). By comparing our new proposed algorithm(More)
Image segmentation is a process of partitioning the images into meaningful regions that are ready to analyze. Segmentation of rock thin section images is not trivial task due to the unpredictable structures and features of minerals. In this paper, we propose Fuzzy Rule-Based Image Segmentation technique to segment rock thin section images. Proposed(More)