Sahin Emrah Amrahov

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In this paper, linear systems with a crisp real coefficient matrix and with a vector of fuzzy triangular numbers on the right-hand side are studied. A new method, which is based on the geometric representations of linear transformations, is proposed to find solutions. The method uses the fact that a vector of fuzzy triangular numbers forms a rectangular(More)
In this paper, systems of linear differential equations with crisp real coefficients and with initial condition described by a vector of fuzzy numbers are studied. A new method based on geometric representations of linear transformations is proposed to find a solution. The most important difference between this method and methods offered in other papers is(More)
In this paper, a linear system of equations with crisp coefficients and fuzzy right-hand sides is investigated. All possible cases pertaining to the number of variables, n, and the number of equations, m, are dealt with. A solution is sought not as a fuzzy number vector, as usual, but as a fuzzy set of vectors. Each vector in the solution set solves the(More)
In this paper, we proposed a new efficient sorting algorithm based on insertion sort concept. The proposed algorithm called Bidirectional Conditional Insertion Sort (BCIS). It is in-place sorting algorithm and it has remarkably efficient average case time complexity when compared with classical insertion sort (IS). By comparing our new proposed algorithm(More)
In this paper, we consider a time-optimal control problem with uncertainties. Dynamics of controlled object is expressed by crisp linear system of differential equations with fuzzy initial and final states. We introduce a notion of fuzzy optimal time and reduce its calculation to two crisp optimal control problems. We examine the proposed approach on an(More)