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Axons from the nucleus magnocellularis (NM) and their targets in nucleus laminaris (NL) form the circuit responsible for encoding interaural time differences (ITDs). In barn owls, NL receives bilateral inputs from NM such that axons from the ipsilateral NM enter NL dorsally, while contralateral axons enter from the ventral side. These afferents and their(More)
Inputs from the two sides of the brain interact to create maps of interaural time difference (ITD) in the nucleus laminaris of birds. How inputs from each side are matched with high temporal precision in ITD-sensitive circuits is unknown, given the differences in input path lengths from each side. To understand this problem in birds, we modeled the geometry(More)
Axons from the nucleus magnocellularis form a presynaptic map of interaural time differences (ITDs) in the nucleus laminaris (NL). These inputs generate a field potential that varies systematically with recording position and can be used to measure the map of ITDs. In the barn owl, the representation of best ITD shifts with mediolateral position in NL, so(More)
The paper focuses on the task of predicting future values of stock market index. Two indices namely CNX Nifty and S&P Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex from Indian stock markets are selected for experimental evaluation. Experiments are based on 10 years of historical data of these two indices. The predictions are made for 1–10, 15 and 30 days in advance.(More)
Emotion based music retrieval is a music player based on user's emotion. Many music devices and mobile music players are used to listen to music. A practical problem is selection of desired music. Nowadays many devices are integrated with cameras. This paper gives how to take advantage of these one camera systems. In this proposed system emotion is(More)
We present a novel remote test system, an integrated remote testing system requiring minimal technology support overhead, enabled by configurable analog–digital Integrated Circuits (IC) to create a simple interface for a wide range of experiments. Our remote test system requires no additional setup, resulting both from using highly configurable devices, as(More)
Biomarkers associated with thyroid malignant neoplasm (TMN) have been widely applied in clinical diagnosis and in research oncological programs. The identification of novel TMN biomarkers has greatly improved the efficacy of clinical diagnosis. A more accurate diagnosis may lead to better clinical outcomes and effective treatments. However, the major(More)