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BACKGROUND Motivation of health workers is necessary to generate the organizational commitment towards the patients and the hospital and therefore the knowledge about what motivates and satisfies them is very essential.The aim of the project was to investigate and analyze the various factors that help in motivation of the health workers while performing(More)
Online shopping in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Improved infrastructure, internet speed and increasing computer literacy are working as an impetus to online shopping. Many firms are entering into this space and making competition intense. Large sharks of the online shopping ocean like Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal etc., are finding it difficult to(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I thank my esteemed Professors and mentors whom I have had the pleasure to learn from and interact with during my 2 years as a School of Public Health student. I eagerly look forward to utilizing the skills and life lessons I have obtained both in and outside of each of your classrooms. I thank Dr. Susan Sturgeon for her input as my(More)
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