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Speed Controller design via sliding mode control approach of induction motor with different sliding surface and with different speed control approaches of Induction motor are reviewed and presented. DSP based Sliding mode controller implementation approaches are also discussed. Sliding Mode control approach based designed controller provides robust(More)
Emotion based music retrieval is a music player based on user's emotion. Many music devices and mobile music players are used to listen to music. A practical problem is selection of desired music. Nowadays many devices are integrated with cameras. This paper gives how to take advantage of these one camera systems. In this proposed system emotion is(More)
This paper presents real time implementation of DSP based PWM control algorithm for 3 phase 4-leg IGBT voltage source inverter. This method is also useful for application in voltage source inverters for adjustable-speed ac drives. PWM method is used to reduce the harmonic content in the output voltage applied to induction motor. The pulses were generated(More)
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