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—This paper presents a verification framework that attempts to bridge the disconnect between high-level properties capturing the architectural power management strategy and the implementation of the power management control logic using low-level per-domain control signals. The novelty of the proposed framework is in demonstrating that the architectural(More)
Binocular disparity allows interesting visual effects visible only to people with stereoscopic 3D displays. Here, we studied and applied one such effect, binocular luster, to the application of digital colorblind aids with active shutter 3D. We developed two prototype techniques, ColorBless and PatternBless, to investigate the effectiveness of such aids and(More)
Declaration from the authors: This submission contains original work which has not been published previously and it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. ABSTRACT Audio and visual modalities are two common output channels in the user interfaces embedded in today's mobile devices. However, these user interfaces typically center on the visual(More)
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