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The effects of theophylline on allergen-induced airway obstruction and bronchial hyperresponsiveness were investigated in allergic rabbits. This allergic rabbit model was developed in our laboratory and stimulates the human model of allergic asthma in several aspects. Four allergic rabbits with hyperreactive airways were challenged with ragweed to elicit(More)
Recently, there has been an increasing interest in the involvement of adenosine as a mediator of allergic asthma. In the present study, we have employed an allergic rabbit model to study the airway responses to adenosine. The rabbit litter mates were injected i.p., within 24 h of birth, with ragweed pollen extract to preferentially produce ragweed-specific(More)
The regulatory properties of mouse jejunal mucosa phosphofructokinase have been studied in crude extracts freed from low molecular weight effectors on Sephadex G-100, and compared to those of the rat. Both isoenzymes displayed cooperativity with respect to fructose 6-phosphate at pH 7.0 in the presence of inhibitory concentrations of ATP. The rat isoenzyme(More)
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