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Immune reconstitution syndrome (IRS) is the transient worsening or appearance of new signs, symptoms or radiological manifestation of an opportunistic infection occurring after the initiation of Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and is not due to treatment failure or new infection. We describe a case of a HIV infected child with tubercular(More)
Indian medicinal plants are now recognized to have great potential for preparing clinically useful drugs that could even be used by allopathic physicians. Traditionally, practitioners of Indian medicine have used plant products in powder, syrup or lotion forms, without identification, quantification and dose regulation, unlike their allopathic counterparts.(More)
The authors report a case of a 40-year-old female who had sustained a blunt ocular trauma resulting in anterior scleral rupture and subconjunctival dislocation of the crystalline lens. Anterior segment ultrasound aided in the diagnosis. Surgical exploration revealed a 6 mm long anterior scleral rupture which was repaired. Postoperatively the patient had a(More)
Clostridium chauvoei is the etiologic agent of blackleg, a high mortality rate disease affecting mainly cattle and sheep. Carcasses of animals affected by the disease are the chief source of soil infection and considered as an ever-present threat to livestock health. A study was undertaken to examine the cross-contamination of C. chauvoei in two different(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the genetic diversity of toxigenic Clostridium strains isolated from soil, water, meat and its associated polluted sites of Southern India. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 27 identified isolates of six different toxigenic clostridial species including C. bifermentans , C. botulinum , C. chauvoei , C. ramosum , C. tetani and C.(More)
The present work was concerned with the isolation and screening of tyrosinase enzyme producing marine actinobacteria from marine salterns soil. It was also focussed on testing the antioxidant and haemolytic activity of the isolated marine actinobacteria. A total of 17 actinobacterial isolates were isolated from salterns soil samples from Kothapattanam,(More)
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