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Brain tissue segmentation in MR images based on a hybrid of MRF and social algorithms
We propose a novel method based on MRF and a hybrid of social algorithms that contain an ant colony optimization (ACO) and a Gossiping algorithm which can be used for segmenting single and multispectral MRIs in real time environments. Expand
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Esophageal Gross Tumor Volume Segmentation Using a 3D Convolutional Neural Network
We present a 3D end-to-end method based on a convolutional neural network (CNN) for GTV segmentation in esophagus CT images that includes dense blocks for extracting contextual features. Expand
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Traumatic optic neuropathy treatment trial (TONTT): open label, phase 3, multicenter, semi-experimental trial
PurposeIntravenously administered erythropoietin (EPO) was firstly commenced (phase 1) in patients with indirect traumatic optic neuropathy (TON) by this group in 2011. It was re-tested by anotherExpand
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Eighteen-Point Abobotulinum Toxin A Upper Face Rejuvenation: An Eye Plastic Perspective on 845 Subjects
Purpose: To report the method and results of 18-point Abobotulinum toxin A (ABO-BTA, Dysport) upper face rejuvenation on 845 subjects. Methods: In a retrospective chart review, all subjects (theExpand
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3D MRI brain segmentation based on MRF and hybrid of SA and IGA
This paper proposes a novel combinational approach for statistical de-noising and segmentation of 3D magnetic resonance images (MRIs) of the brain. Expand
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Evaluation of Multi-metric Registration for Online Adaptive Proton Therapy of Prostate Cancer
We propose an accurate and robust automatic propagation of the delineations from the planning CT to the daily CT by means of Deformable Image Registration (DIR). Expand
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Brain tumor segmentation in 3D MRIs using an improved Markov random field model
Markov Random Field (MRF) models have been recently suggested for MRI brain segmentation by a large number of researchers. By employing Markovianity, which represents the local property, MRF modelsExpand
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3D Convolutional Neural Networks Image Registration Based on Efficient Supervised Learning from Artificial Deformations
We propose a supervised nonrigid image registration method, trained using artificial displacement vector fields (DVF), for which we propose and compare three network architectures. Expand
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A novel Markov random field model based on region adjacency graph for T1 magnetic resonance imaging brain segmentation
We propose a novel method based on a proper combination of MRF model and watershed algorithm in order to alleviate the MRF's drawbacks in MRI image segmentation. Expand
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Gender Recognition Based on Sift Features
This paper proposes a robust approach for face detection and gender classification in color images based on scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm. Expand
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