Sahar Y Mohamed

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BM failure (BMF) is a major and frequent complication of dyskeratosis congenita (DKC). Allogeneic hematopoietic SCT (allo-HSCT) represents the only curative treatment for BMF associated with this condition. Transplant-related morbidity/mortality is common especially after myeloablative conditioning regimens. Herein, we report nine cases of patients with DKC(More)
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD) is a rare non-spherocytic type of haemolytic anaemia. During pregnancy, women with severe PKD are at increased risk of infection, thrombosis, hypertension, fetal growth restriction and anaemia. Management of such cases requires close collaboration between a haematologist and an obstetrician. We report a case of severe PKD in(More)
Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common chronic childhood illnesses. Interplay between genetic susceptibility and environmental factors is thought to provide the fundamental element for the disease. It has been shown that more than 40 genetic loci are associated with T1DM. Important one among these is the CTLA-4. This work aimed to detect Cytotoxic T(More)
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