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This paper investigates the capabilities of tabu search for solving the global path planning problem in grid maps. Accordingly, a tabu search system model is designed and a tabu search planner algorithm for solving the path planning problem is proposed. A comprehensive simulation study is conducted using the proposed model and algorithm, in terms of(More)
Path planning is a fundamental optimization problem that is crucial for the navigation of a mobile robot. Among the vast array of optimization approaches, we focus in this paper on Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Genetic Algorithms (GA) for solving the global path planning problem in a static environment, considering their effectiveness in solving such a(More)
Assigning tasks to a set of robots is a fundamental problem in robotics. It consists in finding the best task assignment to the available robots. In this paper, we present two distributed market-based algorithms to solve the assignment problem where n robots compete for n tasks with the assumption that each robot can be assigned to only one task. The first(More)
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