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BACKGROUND Acute viral hepatitis is less frequent in Egypt than serum antibody levels suggest. Because acute viral hepatitis has a wide clinical spectrum, we tested the hypothesis that many cases are undetected because of mild illness caused by initial, early-childhood exposure to hepatitis viruses. METHODS During active case detection among 20,000(More)
The biological distributions of 99mTc-sulphur colloid, 99mTc-tin colloid and 99mTc-phytate colloid were quantitatively compared in a randomised trial. All three radiopharmaceuticals gave satisfactory liver images. There is evidence to suggest that the phytate colloid significantly underestimates splenic uptake. The tin colloid was easier to dispense than(More)
Pumps are designed and manufactured to operate well away from the cavitation condition and thus the factors affecting the onset of cavitation are important. A specially designed test rig was and constructed so that the onset of cavitation could be studied visually while obtaining actual NPSH data. The magnitude of the NPSH level at 3% drop in total(More)
Although persistent transmission of hepatitis C virus (HCV) from infected mothers to their infants is reported in 4-8%, transient HCV perinatal infection also occurs. This prospective cohort study determined perinatal HCV infection- and early and late clearance-rates in 1,863 mother-infant pairs in rural Egyptian villages. This study found 15.7% and 10.9%(More)
Schistosomiasis is caused by several worm species of the genus Schistosoma and afflicts up to 600 million people in 74 tropical and sub-tropical countries in the developing world. Present disease control depends on treatment with the only available drug praziquantel. No vaccine exists despite the intense search for molecular candidates and adjuvant(More)
BACKGROUND Telomere dysfunction is involved in the development of breast cancer and very short telomeres are frequent genetic alterations in breast tumors. However, the influence of telomere lengths of specific chromosomal arms on the breast cancer risk is unknown. METHODS We conducted a case-control study of breast cancer to examine the associations of(More)
In this study a commercially available immunoenzymatic assay to detect G. lamblia specific copro-antigen was evaluated. A total of 90 stool samples were tested. Diagnosis of giardiasis by ELISA for copro-Ag detection was positive in 46 (51.1%) patients whereas by direct stool analysis after formol ether concentration G. lamblia was detected in 38 (42.2%)(More)
Sixty cases with primary knee OA were equally categorized into six groups with EHI (Gs 1, 2, 3) or without (Gs 4, 5, 6). GI included cases with HCV, GII cases with RHS & HCV and GIII cases with a history of non-active schistosomiasis whereas Gs 4, 5 & 6 included cases without EHI. Clinical examination with inclusion criteria of pathological manifestations(More)
Arachidonic acid (ARA), an omega-6 fatty acid, is a potent schistosomicide that displayed significant and safe therapeutic effects in Schistosoma mansoni-infected schoolchildren in S. mansoni low-prevalence regions. We here report on ARA efficacy and safety in treatment of schoolchildren in S. mansoni high-endemicity areas of Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. The(More)