Sahar Hassan

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1 Anonymous Abstract. A new anatomical database, My Corporis Fabrica (MyCF), is presented. It extends the reference anatomical ontology FMA (the Foundational Model of Anatomy) with the possibility to coherently integrate 3D geometrical data, as well as biomechanical parameters. The purpose of this extension is to allow the user to intuitively create a(More)
BACKGROUND Vaginal examination (VE), is a frequent procedure during childbirth. It is the most accepted ways to assess progress during childbirth, but its repetition at short intervals has no value. Over years, VE continued to be plagued by a nature that implies negative feelings and experiences of women. The aim of this exploratory qualitative study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection is associated with high mortality rates but limited clinical data have been reported. We describe the clinical features and outcomes of patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection. METHODS Retrospective analysis of(More)
BACKGROUND The maternal near-miss approach has been increasingly used as a tool to evaluate and improve the quality of care in maternal health. We report findings from the formative stage of a World Health Organization (WHO) funded implementation research study that was undertaken to collect primary data at the facility level on the prevalence,(More)
We discuss in this paper the problem of localizing and quantifying in-tracranial aneurysms. Assuming that the segmentation of medical images is done, and that a 3D representation of the vascular tree is available, we present a new automatic algorithm to extract vessels centerlines. Aneurysms are then automatically detected by studying variations of vessels(More)
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