Sahar H Koubar

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BACKGROUND The Literature on rhabdomyolysis in the HIV-positive population is sparse and limited. We aimed to explore the incidence, patient characteristics, etiologies and outcomes of rhabdomyolysis in a cohort of HIV-positive patients identified through the Johns Hopkins HIV clinical registry between June 1992 and April 2014. METHODS A retrospective(More)
There is so far no international consensus concerning the prescription of antithrombotic agents in hemodialysis patients. It is not clear yet why they cause more bleeding in some patients and are beneficial in others. We therefore tried to find out what triggers bleeding in this population. This is an observational before-and-after study that included all(More)
Central Diabetes Insipidus is often an overlooked complication of cardiopulmonary arrest and anoxic brain injury. We report a case of transient Central Diabetes Insipidus (CDI) following cardiopulmonary arrest. It developed 4 days after the arrest resulting in polyuria and marked hypernatremia of 199 mM. The latter was exacerbated by replacing the hypotonic(More)
We often prescribe drugs in large quantities, it may help to relieve, but it also triggers intolerances, allergies or even digestive or skin problems. This is one reason, perhaps the main, to explore elsewhere. The reader will discover, through this article, mesotherapy; a new and simple therapeutic that aims to approximate the location of the therapeutic(More)
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