Sahar Farhadi

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Arnebia euchroma callus, obtained from the root cell culture of an Iranian native specimen, has gained a doubling time of 63 H after regular subculturing on Linsmaier-Skoog (LS) medium containing sugar (50 g/L), 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (10(-6) M), and kinetin (10(-5) M) under darkness at 25°C. Despite the observed somaclonal variations, peroxidase(More)
Laccase (EC is a widespread cuproenzyme able to oxidize various types of phenols and similar aromatic compounds through a one-electron transfer mechanism. The enzyme has already found its way into the market as a biocatalyst. Because of its ability to be paired by electron mediators, the expectation for employing laccases in versatile processes is(More)
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