Sahar Bayoumi

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We describe a technique for visually tracking flashlights so that they can be used as fun, cheap, intuitive and safe interaction devices with a wide range of surfaces. Our implementation includes a run-time system for tracking flashlight beams as they appear in a video image and an interface for dynamically configuring targets on the surface and associating(More)
In this paper we proposed a system for authentication using Palm Vein based on using principle component analysis (PCA) for feature extraction. Palm vein images of dorsa captured using infrared camera. PCA is applied to generate vector of features that represent the highest detailed variant information. A matching process is then applied to find the best(More)
This paper addresses some of the linguistic and technological procedures and requirements of the next generation of tools for the analysis of spoken linguistic corpora. It reports on preliminary developments of an ESRC funded interdisciplinary project at the University of Nottingham. It specifically focuses on key methodological and technical issues related(More)
Experiences in pervasive computing environments often rely on estimates of the location and/or behaviour of participants to tailor interaction and/or content to the particular user context. In this paper, we present a novel computer vision method for the indirect monitoring of user position and behaviour. The technique classifies activities based on(More)
Off-road vehicles can have a devastating impact on vegetation and soil. Here, we sought to quantify, through a combination of field vegetation, bulk soil, and image analyses, the impact of off-road vehicles on the vegetation and soils of Rawdat Al Shams, which is located in central Saudi Arabia. Soil compaction density was measured in the field, and 27 soil(More)
Problem statement: Segmentation of 3D range images is widely used in computer vision as an essential pre-processing step before the methods of high-level vision can be applied. Segmentation aims to study and recognize the features of range image such as 3D edges, connected surfaces and smooth regions. Approach: This study presents new improvements in(More)
Objectives: The aim of this study was to present rare cases with coexistence of double chromosomal abnormality involving chromosome 21 and to discuss different mechanisms of double anomaly in live births for better counseling. Introduction: The coexistence of two chromosomal abnormalities in the same individual is relatively a rare phenomenon. Most of the(More)
Multimedia is the presentation of information using text, sound and graphics. There are many educational projects designed for disable children to aid them for improving their skills or learn new materials. The use of multimedia elements and the capability of interaction have played a major role in attracting those children. In this paper, we will discuss(More)