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We describe a technique for visually tracking flashlights so that they can be used as fun, cheap, intuitive and safe interaction devices with a wide range of surfaces. Our implementation includes a run-time system for tracking flashlight beams as they appear in a video image and an interface for dynamically configuring targets on the surface and associating(More)
In this paper we proposed a system for authentication using Palm Vein based on using principle component analysis (PCA) for feature extraction. Palm vein images of dorsa captured using infrared camera. PCA is applied to generate vector of features that represent the highest detailed variant information. A matching process is then applied to find the best(More)
This paper addresses some of the linguistic and technological procedures and requirements of the next generation of tools for the analysis of spoken linguistic corpora. It reports on preliminary developments of an ESRC funded interdisciplinary project at the University of Nottingham. It specifically focuses on key methodological and technical issues related(More)
Multimedia is the presentation of information using text, sound and graphics. There are many educational projects designed for disable children to aid them for improving their skills or learn new materials. The use of multimedia elements and the capability of interaction have played a major role in attracting those children. In this paper, we will discuss(More)
Fires are one of the main causes of death amongst the world. Although there are various fire detection systems most of them did not proof its effectiveness in detecting fires due to inefficiency or restrictions. For example, systems based on smoke sensors in detecting fires cannot be used in open areas because they are restricted to the existence of a(More)
One of the main challenges facing wastewater treatment reactors remains the enhancement of its design and/or operation. In recent years, numerous designs and/or configurations of these reactors have been developed to optimize the anaerobic treatment of wastewater. The ability of clay minerals to create a favorable environment for the growth of(More)
Mathematical modeling has been a vital tool in the field of environmental engineering. Various models have been developed to simulate the level of aeration efficiency (AE) provided by different aerating structures to raise levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in streams; one of which is the stepped cascade structure. Three models developed by Gameson et al. WRL,(More)