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Four novel cell lines from tissues of eye, gill, kidney and brain of Etroplus suratensis were developed and characterized. The cell lines of eye, gill, kidney and brain were sub-cultured for 245, 185, 170 and 90 passages, respectively, since 2008. These cell lines showed predominantly epithelial-like cells. Effects of temperature and foetal bovine serum(More)
Ten cell lines established from Indian marine, brackishwater and freshwater fish were tested for their susceptibility to fish nodavirus. In addition, the efficiency of betanodavirus replication was tested in these cell lines. Multiple vacuolation, a typical cytopathic effect for virus infection, was observed in infected SISK, SISS, SIGE and ICF cells.(More)
Rohu gill cell line (LRG) was established from gill tissue of Indian major carp (Labeo rohita), a freshwater fish cultivated in India. The cell line was maintained in Leibovitz's L-15 supplemented with 10 % foetal bovine serum (FBS). This cell line has been sub-cultured more than 85 passages over a period of 2 years. The LRG cell line consists of both(More)
BACK GROUND Atherosclerosis is the major cause of death. The most common risk factors are hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and other factors like chronic infection and inflammation. OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to assess the effect of sitagliptin on atherosclerosis via interfering with inflammatory and oxidative pathways. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total(More)
There are only few primary endothelial cell cultures developed from fishes to date, but in this work the development of an endothelial cell line from Channa striatus is described. The vascular explants were plated into fibronectin (5 µg ml−1) and anti-CD31 antibody (100 ng ml−1)-coated flask; after 60 h incubation explants were removed from the flask. The(More)
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