Sahand KhakAbi

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Customer Segmentation is an increasingly significant issue in today’s competitive commercial area. Many literatures have reviewed the application of data mining technology in customer segmentation, and achieved sound effectives. But in the most cases, it is performed using customer data from a special point of view, rather than from systematical(More)
According to the lack of a comprehensive literature review in the area of application of data mining in customer churn management, which has become a central issue in customer relationship management nowadays, this paper tackles to provide a brief review of researches in that field from two perspectives: techniques used and statistical reports. From the(More)
In 2006, 100,000 servers were broken down just within 10 minutes [1]. Those were the victims of some Denial-of-Service attacks. This news and knowing that some of those victims were so well-known companies like Hotmail and Amazon, indicate the significance of this kind of threats and attacks. “In a DoS attack, a malicious client (called the attacker)(More)
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