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Reconstruction of a super-resolved image from multiple frames and extraction of matte are two popular topics that have been solved independently. In this paper, we advocate a unified framework that assimilates matting within the super-resolution model. We show that joint estimation is advantageous, as super-resolved edge information helps in obtaining a(More)
Camouflaging an object in a photograph is normally performed with the intent of unnoticeably hiding it within a given image. In this work, we give a different dimension to this problem and raise the interesting issue of camouaging motion blur with special relevance to non-uniformly blurred images. Given a blurred photograph, we apply a suitably derived(More)
Super-resolution of the alpha matte and the foreground object from a video are jointly attempted in this paper. Instead of super-resolving them independently, we treat super-resolution of the matte and foreground in a combined framework, incorporating the matting equation in the image degradation model. We take multiple adjacent frames from a low-resolution(More)
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