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Due to avoiding the key escrow problem in the identity-based cryptosystem, certificateless public key cryptosystem (CLPKC) has received a significant attention. As an important part of the CLPKC, the certificateless authenticated key agreement (CLAKA) protocol also received considerable attention. Most CLAKA protocols are built from bilinear mappings on(More)
RSA type public key cryptosystems based on the Pell's equation are proposed in the honor of an Indian mathematician Brah-mgupta who studied Pell's equation long before European mathematicians came to know about it. Three RSA type schemes are proposed, first two are not semantically secure where as the other two schemes are semantically secure. The(More)
The efficiency of decryption process of Multi prime RSA, in which the modulus contains more than two primes, can be speeded up using Chinese remainder theorem (CRT). On the other hand, to achieve the same level of security in terms integer factorization problem the length of RSA modulus must be larger than the traditional RSA case. In [9], authors studied(More)