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—Proxy signature is useful in situation when a user wants to authorize an agent called proxy signer to sign any document on his behalf. Multi-proxy multi-signature is one of the primitives of proxy signature. Bilinear pairing makes the system efficient and provides an ease in computation. In this paper, we propose an ID-based multi-proxy multi-signature(More)
Due to avoiding the key escrow problem in the identity-based cryptosystem, certificateless public key cryptosystem (CLPKC) has received a significant attention. As an important part of the CLPKC, the certificateless authenticated key agreement (CLAKA) protocol also received considerable attention. Most CLAKA protocols are built from bilinear mappings on(More)
The identity (ID) based public key cryptosystem simplifies the key management and provides moderate security with comparison to the certificate based public key cryptosystem. Many signature schemes have been proposed using the identity of user. Proxy signature scheme enables the original signer to delegate his/her signing capability to a proxy signer.(More)