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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Laparoscopic treatment of incisional hernias can be performed using different types of fixation devices and prosthesis. We present a case series of 19 patients with incisional hernias with a diameter of < 6 cm, who underwent laparoscopic repair using Hi-tex dual-side mesh, positioned intraperitoneally, fixed to the abdominal wall by(More)
Nifedipine, as most calcium-antagonist drugs, is widely used for the treatment of angina pectoris and primary hypertension. Among its side effects, edema of lower limbs may expose patients to traumatic ulcers which become chronic. A case with painful ulcers and remarkable swelling of the ankles is reported. In this case, misdiagnosed as chronic venous(More)
BACKGROUND The onset of Raynaud's phenomenon is mainly provoked by cold stimuli which, in patients affected by Raynaud's disease, are milder than those able to provoke the same phenomenon in healthy subjects. Therefore, it is reasonable to theorize the existence of a "thermal threshold", below which it is more likely for a Raynaud's phenomenon to be(More)
BACKGROUND The high incidence of chronic venous insufficiency makes it quite an ordinary topic in the outpatients departments of vascular units. Furthermore, due to the discrepancy between symptoms and Doppler c.w reports, it is necessary to face this problem with the help of very sensitive instrumental methods. Therefore, the main aim of this article is to(More)
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