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We describe the clinical phenotype of nine kindred with presenile Alzheimer's disease (AD) caused by different presenilin 1 (PS1) point mutations, and compare them with reported families with mutations in the same codons. Mutations were in exon 4 (Phe105Val), exon 5 (Pro117Arg, Glu120Gly), exon 6 (His163Arg), exon 7 (Leu226Phe), exon 8 (Val261Leu,(More)
We describe the clinical phenotype and pathology of a new autosomal dominant late-onset familial form of Alzheimer's disease in four extensive kindred originated in a genetically isolated population. Twelve affected and 16 unaffected members of these kindred were examined clinically, and a brain post-mortem study was carried out in one case. The preliminary(More)
The association between migraine and stroke is well known. It is assumed that 15% of strokes in patients below 45 years are due to migraine. To evaluate the features of this association, we have reviewed seven cases of patients with migraine and established neurological deficits. All patients fulfilled the following criteria: 1) past history of migraine,(More)
Perception of music is a complex ability requiring participation of multiple brain areas, with a different manner of processing between musicians and non musicians [5, 7]. Acquired amusia has been described associated with focal cortical degeneration, particularly within the cognitive and behavioural manifestations of frontotemporal dementia [1, 3, 6]. We(More)
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