Sagnik Sen

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We define and study a class of graphs, called 2-stab interval graphs (2SIG), with boxicity 2 which properly contains the class of interval graphs. A 2SIG is an axes-parallel rectangle intersection graph where the rectangles have unit height (that is, length of the side parallel to Y-axis) and intersects either of the two fixed lines, parallel to the X-axis,(More)
The clique number of an undirected graph G is the maximum order of a complete subgraph of G and is a well-known lower bound for the chromatic number of G. Every proper k-coloring of G may be viewed as a homomorphism (an edge-preserving vertex mapping) of G to the complete graph of order k. By considering homomorphisms of oriented graphs (digraphs without(More)
In this paper we study oriented bipartite graphs. In particular, several characterizations of bitournaments are obtained. We introduce the concept of odd-even graphs and show that any (oriented) bipartite graph can be represented by some (oriented) odd-even graph. We show that the famous Goldbach's conjecture is equivalent to the connectedness of certain(More)