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Many coastal areas have been intensively urbanized because people living and working on or near coastlines are increasing. Land reclamation from the sea and high-rise buildings are common approaches to satisfying the growing needs for more housing and other land use. Coastal areas are usually the ultimate discharge zones of groundwater systems. Using a(More)
Land reclamation has been a common practice to produce valuable land in coastal areas. The impact of land reclamation on coastal environment and marine ecology is well recognized and widely studied. It has not been recognized yet that reclamation may change the regional ground water regime, which may in turn modify the coastal environment, flooding pattern,(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy, tolerability, and effects on quality of life of sertraline, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, in the prevention of relapse of generalized social phobia. Fifty adult outpatients with generalized social phobia who were rated much or very much improved on the Clinical Global Impression Scale of(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors evaluated the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of sertraline, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, in the treatment of generalized social phobia. METHOD Adult outpatients with generalized social phobia (N=204) from 10 Canadian centers were randomly assigned to receive sertraline or placebo in a 2:1 ratio for a 20-week(More)
Program profiling can help performance prediction and compiler optimization. This paper describes the initial work behind TFP, a new profiling strategy that can gather and verify a range of flow-specific information at runtime. While TFP can collect more refined information than block, edge or path profiling, it is only 5.75% slower than a very fast runtime(More)
A study is being conducted to understand delayed slope failures caused by hydrogeological regimes and the preliminary findings from this study are summarised in this paper. The slope near Tuen Mun Highway Chainage 550 in Hong Kong which failed about 13 days after a major rainstorm in 1983 was chosen as a case study. Topographical, geological and(More)
Overlapping communication with computation is a well-known technique to increase application performance. While it is commonly assumed that communication and computation can be overlapped at no cost, in reality they interfere with each other. In this paper we empirically evaluate the interference rate of communication on computation via measurements on a(More)
⋆ Abstract. This paper investigates the problem of autonomously allocating a large number of independent, equal sized tasks on a distributed heterogeneous grid-like platform, using only local information. We propose A-FAST (Autonomous Flow Approach to Scheduling Tasks), an efficient, scalable, dynamic and generic (imposing no restrictions on the topology)(More)
The answer for each question should contain from a few lines up to half a page. The total should have between 2 and 4 pages. Question 1 : What is the problem mentioned in this article about the classical model for communications (as the one seen in class) ? Question 2 : Assume that a processor A has to send data to processors B and C. What is the(More)