Sagnik Banerjee

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Deciphering the structure of a protein is essential towards understanding its functions. But there are proteins which undergo arbitrary changes in their tertiary structure. It is possible for a protein to be completely unstructured or be partially unstructured. Even though such proteins, known as intrinsically disordered proteins (IDP), do not have a fixed(More)
Protein-protein interactions refer to the physical contact established between two proteins. They occur where two proteins bind together, for some biological function. Interacting protein sets obtained from Database of Interacting proteins (DIP) were analyzed and the data is generated by considering physicochemical properties and High Quality Indices (HQI)(More)
Glycosylation is the process of adding carbohydrates to a protein residue. It is an important part of post-translational modification undergone by protein chains. Over 40 disorders have been linked to improper glycosylation bonds, over 80% of which affect the nervous system. Our aim is to study glycosylation in proteins and to understand the properties that(More)
Post translational modification (PTM) is a process by which proteins undergo chemical changes after they are translated from RNA. Among the various types of PTM, phosphorylation is the most important one since it assists in almost all the activities of the cell. In this research work we have used machine learning based approaches to predict the position(More)
The method of finding a sequence of characters, called the pattern, in another much longer sequence of characters, called the text, is known as pattern matching. Several patternmatching algorithms exist, that locate all the positions where a pattern occurs in a text. In this paper we have presented an algorithm which implements a divide and conquer(More)
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