Sagit Goldenberg

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Nonneuronal cells complicate the study of neurons in vitro. A pure population of viable neurons can be obtained easily using gradients of Percoll. For each experiment, 20 dorsal root ganglia (DRG) are minced, then sequentially dissociated in collagenase and trypsin, which digest all the intercellular connections. The dissociated tissue is separated first on(More)
We established a human tissue explant model to facilitate study of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. We accomplished this by implanting debulked SCC, from surgical discard, into nude rats. Human SCC remained viable and continued to proliferate for at least 4 weeks and showed evidence of neovascularization. At 4 weeks, SCC implants showed a trend toward(More)
Carbonic anhydrase (CAH) was localized in the mitochondria-rich cells (MRC) of 1-week-old salamander larvae gill epithelium, in both MRC and pavement cells of 6-week-old larvae, and in regenerated stems of previously amputated gills. CAH activity of the MRC was measured quantitatively using a microscope densitometric technique. Changes in CAH activity per(More)
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