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Striving for photorealism, texture mapping, and its more advanced variations, bump and displacement mapping, have all become fundamental tools in computer graphics. Recently, the introduction of programmable graphics hardware has enabled the employment of displacement mapping in real-time applications. While displacement mapping facilitates the actual(More)
The vanishing ideal of a set of points, S ⊂ R n , is the set of all polynomials that attain the value of zero on all the points in S. Such ideals can be compactly represented using a small set of polynomials known as generators of the ideal. Here we describe and analyze an efficient procedure that constructs a set of generators of a vanishing ideal. Our(More)
Contemporary deformation tools let designers modify the geometry of deformed models. This approach can be restrictive if the designer wants to incorporate holes or gaps into a model while deforming it into a different shape. This work presents a variant of FFD that would let the designer incorporate isoparametric discontinuities into the deformation(More)
Surgical simulations with the aid of computers is a topic of increasingly extensive research. Real-time response and interactivity are crucial components of any such system and a major effort has been invested in finding ways to improve the performance of existing systems. In this paper, we propose the use of a new variant of Free Form Deformations that(More)
Computer-aided surgical simulation is a topic of increasingly extensive research. Computer graphics, geometric modeling and finite-element analysis all play major roles in these simulations. Furthermore, real-time response, interactivity and accuracy are crucial components in any such simulation system. A major effort has been invested in recent years to(More)
An algorithm for silhouette extraction from volumetric data is presented. Trivariate tensor product B-spline functions are used to represent the data. An offline phase that arranges the data in a lookup table is employed to improve the computation time during an interactive session. A subdivision scheme is employed to extract the silhouette curves from an(More)
Communicated by (xxxxxxxxxx) The recent introduction of programmable Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) has had a tremendous impact on real-time graphics. With their extended flexibility, GPUs can support tasks that go way beyond their originally intended rendering functionality. One domain where GPUs can be applicable is in accelerating geometric modeling(More)
We propose a system for automatic, on-line visual inspection and print defect detection for Variable-Data Printing (VDP). This system can be used to automatically stop the printing process and alert the operator to problems. We present the components required for constructing a vision-based inspection system and show that our approach is novel for the(More)
—With the advent of the Internet, it is desirable to interpret and extract useful information from the Web. One major challenge in Web interface interpretation is to discover the semantic structure underlying a Web interface. Many heuristic approaches have been developed to discover and group semantically related interface objects. However, those approaches(More)
With the increasing complexity of photo-realistic scenes, the question of building and placing objects in three-dimensional scenes is becoming ever more diicult. While the question of placement of rigid objects has captured the attention of researchers in the past, this work presents an intuitive and interactive s c heme to properly place deformable objects(More)