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Ran Nisim Lati2
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2Ran Nisim Lati
2Hanan Eizenberg
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Crop canopy spatial parameters are indicative of plant phenological growth stage and physiological condition, and their estimation is therefore of great interest for modeling and precision agriculture practices. Rapid increases in computing power have made stereovision models an attractive alternative to common single-image-based 2D methods, by allowing(More)
Black nightshade (Solanum nigrum L.) is a troublesome weed worldwide, affecting a large number of crops. As weed development is affected by a variety of factors, advanced knowledge on the plant’s biological and ecological qualities can support favorable management strategies. Seed density is an ecological factor affecting emergence and early growth of many(More)
Due to rapid urban development, it becomes necessary at times to document the "as made" parcelation as a means for creating the cadastre. Such documentation can involve substantial efforts, particularly when large, densely built, regions are concerned. We propose a method for generating proposed parcelation that is based on geometrical concepts of equal(More)
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