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This research work proposes the supplementary control design for multiple High Voltage DC (HVDC) links to damp out post-contingency oscillations and enhance the stability of large interconnected AC/DC power system. The proposed MIMO supplementary control scheme uses nonlinear feedback linearization control with real-time optimized Neuro-Fuzzy identification(More)
Cotton leaf curl virus disease (CLCuD) is an important constraint to cotton production. The resistance of G. arboreum to this devastating disease is well documented. In the present investigation, we explored the possibility of transferring genes for resistance to CLCuD from G. arboreum (2n = 26) cv 15-Mollisoni into G. hirsutum (2n = 52) cv CRSM-38 through(More)
Expression of the transgene with a desirable character in crop plant is the ultimate goal of transgenic research. Transformation of two Bt genes namely Cry1Ac and Cry2A cloned as separate cassette under 35S promoter in pKHG4 plant expression vector was done by using shoot apex cut method of Agrobacterium. Molecular confirmation of putative transgenic cotton(More)
Abstract: The existing literature predominantly concentrates on the utilization of the gradient descent algorithm for control systems’ design in power systems for stability enhancement. In this paper, various flavors of the Conjugate Gradient (CG) algorithm have been employed to design the online neuro-fuzzy linearization-based adaptive control strategy for(More)
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