Sagarika Chatterjee

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PURPOSE To investigate sensory fusion responses in infants and children with early-onset esotropia to gain insights into the sequence of events that leads to strabismus. METHODS Sensory fusion was tested by measuring visual evoked potential (VEP) responses to dynamic random dot correlograms (DRDCs) in a group of children (n = 23) with early-onset(More)
An unusual type of epidemic conjunctivitis swept through Ghana between June and October, I969. The clinical features of all the cases were uniform and exhibited marked deviations from the epidemic conjunctivitis usually seen in other parts of the world. The rapid spread and course of the condition were also remarkable, and our failure to detect any of the(More)
AIMS To demonstrate the efficacy of mitomycin C as adjuvant therapy preoperatively and intraoperatively in the management of recurrent or diffuse ocular surface neoplasias. METHODS The case notes of 11 patients receiving mitomycin C adjuvant therapy as 0.04% eye drops four times a day in two weekly courses preoperatively and/or a single intraoperative(More)
Morphea is a localized scleroderma variety which can be circumscribed or generalized and is characterized by sclerotic plaques developing on trunk and limbs. Surgery and radiation have been implicated as etiological factors for the development of morphea. Majority of the radiation-induced morphea cases have occurred in patients with breast cancer. The(More)
BACKGROUND Proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) may be a response to abnormal angiogenic growth factors such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), angiopoietin-2 (Ang-2), and the soluble angiopoietin receptor tie-2. The authors hypothesised the following: (a) there are differences in plasma levels of these growth factors in different grades of(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the correlation between directional asymmetry in ocular responses to monocularly viewed optokinetic stimuli (monocular optokinetic nystagmus, MOKN) and sensory fusion in infants and toddlers with early-onset esotropia. METHODS Subjects were 14 infants and toddlers with early-onset esotropia (7-26 months old; median, 10 months), and(More)
Systemic hypertension is a common condition associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Hypertension confers cardiovascular risk by causing target-organ damage that includes retinopathy in addition to heart disease, stroke, renal insufficiency and peripheral vascular disease. The recognition of hypertensive retinopathy is important in(More)
The tissue reaction, absorption, and handling properties of Dexon synthetic absorbable sutures, which are made from polymerized hydroxyacetic acid, were compared with those of silk and collagen in 51 eye operations, consisting mainly of cataract extractions and squint corrections. There was no significant difference between the sutures as regards degree of(More)