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Microglia constitute a highly specialized network of tissue-resident immune cells that is important for the control of tissue homeostasis and the resolution of diseases of the CNS. Little is known about how their spatial distribution is established and maintained in vivo. Here we establish a new multicolor fluorescence fate mapping system to monitor(More)
Long-range intercellular communication is essential for the regulation of embryonic development. Apart from simple diffusion, various modes of signal transfer have been described in the literature. Here, we describe a novel type of cellular extensions found in epithelial cells of the somites in chicken embryos. These filopodia-like protrusions span the(More)
The extraction of ridge and valley connectivity networks is essential for studying spatio-temporal organizations. Extraction of such connectivity networks from multiscale DEMs has lately received notable attention. A simple method is proposed to extract these networks, from a sample DEM as well as a simulated fractal DEM, using non-linear morphological(More)
Next to classical diffusion-based models, filopodia-like cellular protrusions have been proposed to mediate long range signaling events and morphogen gradient formation during communication between distant cells. An increasing wealth of data indicates that in spite of variable characteristics of signaling filopodia in different biological contexts, they(More)
Granulomas are immune cell aggregates formed in response to persistent inflammatory stimuli. Granuloma macrophage subsets are diverse and carry varying copy numbers of their genomic information. The molecular programs that control the differentiation of such macrophage populations in response to a chronic stimulus, though critical for disease outcome, have(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the ongoing inflammatory process of lung in healthy individuals with risk factors and comparing with that of a known diseased condition. To study the inflammatory response to treatment. BACKGROUND Morbidity and mortality of respiratory diseases are raising in trend due to increased smokers, urbanization and air pollution, the diagnosis(More)
Poster presentation abstracts Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010 Session I (18-02-2010) DESIGN, SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF SOME NOVEL 1,3,4-THIADIAZOLE DERIVATIVES AS POSSIBLE ANTICONVULSANT AGENTS Abhishek Soni, Sushil. K. Kashaw Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. H. S. Gour University, Sagar,(More)
This paper discusses the details of a study undertaken for biomechanical evaluation of a number of Manual Material Handling (MMH) tasks being carried out at a construction site in India. A comprehensive methodology involving a two dimensional dynamic biomechanical evaluation approach is developed for such construction MMH tasks involving carrying and(More)