Sagar V. Ramani

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The coexistence of epileptic and hysterical seizures in the same patient is not rare and creates problems in diagnosis and management. The authors used simultaneous video-EEG monitoring to document the diagnosis of hysterical seizures in 9 epileptic patients; clear-cut hysterical seizures were seen in all 9. The authors used individualized re-educative(More)
Bilateral stereotactic fields of Forel surgery was carried out in 6 adults with chronic intractable epilepsy associated with multifocal EEG abnormalities. During an average 40 months follow-up, a significant reduction in the frequency of generalized tonic-clonic seizures was noted in 4 patients. Complex partial seizures in 3 patients and akinetic-myoclonic(More)
— Contrasting to advances in street/outdoor navigation, wall mounted maps and signs continue to be the primary reference indoor navigation in hospitals, malls, museums, etc. I. INTRODUCTION Built information is a central factor in our life and a big portion of human life is spent inside buildings. There are many types of indoor and outdoor methodologies are(More)
Individuals with intractable epilepsy have a murky existence, fraught with medical helplessness, social rejection and personal despair. Drugs control many, but unfortunately not all, cases of epilepsy. An attempt to elucidate on the indications, selections and rationale for the stereotaxic interruption is made. Three cases of intractable epilepsy treated by(More)
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