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This paper proposes a novel radar system, namely step-frequency with compressive sampling (SFR-CS), that achieves high target range and speed resolution using significantly smaller bandwidth than traditional step-frequency radar. This bandwidth reduction is accomplished by employing compressive sampling ideas and exploiting the sparseness of targets in the(More)
CNC machining requires "interpolation" algorithms that accurately and efficiently generate sequences of reference positions, distributed according to a prescribed feedrate function, along the tool paths. CNC interpolators have traditionally accommodated only linear and circular trajectories, on account of the absence of easily-calculable relations between(More)
This work proposes a low-complexity space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithm for sensing applications built on a moving platform in the presence of strong clutters. The proposed algorithm achieves low-complexity computation via two steps. First, it utilizes improved fast approximated power iteration methods to compress the data into a much smaller(More)
Under normal circumstances, if we want to copy or move data from one mass storage device to another, we use the computer as an intermediate device. When copying data is our only requirement, it is overkill to use a full-fledged computer to do something so mundane as to transfer data. In this project, we have made a device which can eliminate the use of a PC(More)
An essential activity in managing an emergency is planning, preparation, and training for it. The harmful consequences can be diminished if accurate safety metrics are incorporated before. This leads to the simulation of an emergency event which is required to devise a roadmap, evaluate the effectiveness of numerous possible scenarios and thereby mitigate(More)
It can be difficult to assess the transport vectors for mandibular distraction osteogenesis intraoperatively. Computed tomography (CT) and 3-dimensional digital reconstruction allow "on screen" assessment, but they have limitations, and errors can occur when the 2-dimensional preoperative plan is translated into the operation. We can simulate the operation(More)
For a senior design project, we have created a solar tracking system . The key requirements for this system were to create an effective and low cost system in order to optimise efficiency of solar panel . The developed solution is a prototype that might be built upon to create a production model. The motivation, solution (including design, implementation,(More)
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The mixed transition metal dichalcogenide single crystals, MoxW1-xSe2 series, taking x = 0.3, 0.4, 0.85 and 0.9 were successfully grown by direct vapor transport (DVT) techniques. The variation of resistivity with temperature was studied along perpendicular and parallel to c-axis using four probes and two probe techniques respectively. The Hall measurements(More)
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