Sagar S. Vaishampayan

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Mandibular metastasis due to thyroid carcinoma is not very frequent and the cases described in the literature are few. Due to its bloodstream dissemination, most of them are a consequence of the follicular variant of thyroid carcinomas. We are presenting a case in which the metastatic lesion of mandible was detected before diagnosis of primary malignancy.
Ameloblastoma is a unique, histologically benign but aggressive neoplasm of the jaws, arising from odontogenic epithelium with potency to cause extensive destruction of jaw bones and infiltration into the surrounding tissues. Recurrences are common after incomplete treatment. Recurrences can occur at difficult sites such as temporal and infratemporal fossa,(More)
Arecanut (AN) usage is widespread in Asian countries, especially India and Taiwan. The incidence of oral cancer is increasing day by day, but there is no exponential increase with tobacco usage. Especially in the country like Taiwan where betel quid mostly do not contain tobacco, AN can be correlated with the increased incidence of cancer. There are(More)
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