Sagar Karandikar

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Commercial buildings are attractive targets for introducing innovative cyber-physical control systems, because they are already highly instrumented distributed systems which consume large quantities of energy. However, they are not currently programmable in a meaningful sense because each building is constructed with vertically integrated, closed subsystems(More)
Traditional datacenters are designed as a collection of servers, each of which tightly couples the resources required for computing tasks. Recent industry trends suggest a paradigm shift to a disaggregated datacenter (DDC) architecture containing a pool of resources, each built as a standalone resource blade and interconnected using a network fabric. A key(More)
Rocket Chip is an open-source Sysem-on-Chip design generator that emits synthesizable RTL. It leverages the Chisel hardware construction language to compose a library of sophisticated generators for cores, caches, and interconnects into an integrated SoC. Rocket Chip generates general-purpose processor cores that use the open RISC-V ISA, and provides both(More)
High-performance embedded processors are frequently designed as arrays of small, in-order scalar cores, even when their workloads exhibit high degrees of data-level parallelism (DLP). We show that these multiple instruction, multiple data (MIMD) systems can be made more efficient by instead directly exploiting DLP using a modern vector architecture. In our(More)
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