Sagar Chakraborty

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Conversion of carbohydrates to lipids at high yield and productivity is essential for cost-effective production of renewable biodiesel. Although some microorganisms can convert sugars to oils, conversion yields and rates are typically low due primarily to allosteric inhibition of the lipid biosynthetic pathway by saturated fatty acids. By reverse(More)
We show that the rare events present in dissipated work that enters Jarzynski equality, when mapped appropriately to the phenomenon of large deviations found in a biased coin toss, are enough to yield a quantitative work probability distribution for the Jarzynski equality. This allows us to propose a recipe for constructing work probability distribution(More)
Synchronization is the process of achieving identical dynamics among coupled identical units. If the units are different from each other, their dynamics cannot become identical; yet, after transients, there may emerge a functional relationship between them-a phenomenon termed "generalized synchronization." Here, we show that the concept of transient(More)
In the quest for inexpensive feedstocks for the cost-effective production of liquid fuels, we have examined gaseous substrates that could be made available at low cost and sufficiently large scale for industrial fuel production. Here we introduce a new bioconversion scheme that effectively converts syngas, generated from gasification of coal, natural gas,(More)
Finding conditions that support synchronization is a fertile and active area of research with applications across multiple disciplines. Here we present and analyze a scheme for synchronizing chaotic dynamical systems by transiently uncoupling them. Specifically, systems coupled only in a fraction of their state space may synchronize even if fully coupled(More)
Recently tissue engineering has escalated much interest in biomedical and biotechnological applications. In this regard, exploration of new and suitable biomaterials is needed. Silk fibroin protein is used as one of the most preferable biomaterials for fabrication of scaffolds and several new techniques are being adopted to fabricate silk scaffolds with(More)
– A reason has been given for the inverse energy cascade in the two-dimensionalised rapidly rotating 3D incompressible turbulence. For such system, literature shows a possibility of the exponent of wavenumber in the energy spectrum's relation to lie between-2 and-3. We argue the existence of a more strict range of-2 to-7/3 for the exponent in the case of(More)
Nelkin scaling, the scaling of moments of velocity gradients in terms of the Reynolds number, is an alternative way of obtaining inertial-range information. It is shown numerically and theoretically for the Burgers equation that this procedure works already for Reynolds numbers of the order of 100 (or even lower when combined with a suitable extended(More)
As a model for cell-to-cell communication in biological tissues, we construct repressor lattices by repeating a regulatory three-node motif on a hexagonal structure. Local interactions can be unidirectional, where a node either represses or activates a neighbor that does not communicate backwards. Alternatively, they can be bidirectional where two(More)
Although the Sun's torsional oscillation is believed to be driven by the Lorentz force associated with the sunspot cycle, this oscillation begins 2-3 yr before the sunspot cycle. We provide a theoretical explanation of this with the help of a solar dynamo model having a meridional circulation penetrating slightly below the bottom of the convection zone,(More)