Safoura Ghodsi

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BACKGROUND Pressing esthetic demands of good looking make people undergo bleaching procedures. However, the effect of bleaching agents on esthetic restorative materials with different surface preparations has been poorly studied. AIM The aim of this study was to examine the effect of a homebleaching agent (carbamide peroxide: CP 38%) on the surface(More)
BACKGROUND The exponential usage of esthetic restorative materials is beholden to society needs and desires. Interaction between the bleaching agents and the esthetic restorative materials is of critical importance. AIM This in vitro study has been conducted to evaluate the effect of a home bleaching agent, carbamide peroxide (CP) 38%, on the(More)
BACKGROUND Mandibular movement analysis is a critical step in making the functional occlusal morphology and improving the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs). Cadiax Compact® is an electronic condylograph that claims to record the horizontal condylar inclination (HCI), Bennett angle (BA) and relative shape of the articular(More)
Evaluation of mandibular movements is necessary to form the occlusal anatomical contour, analyze the temporomandibular joint status, and evaluate the patient's occlusion. This clinical study was conducted to compare the mandibular recording device Cadiax Compact II with routine intraoral records for measuring condylar inclinations. The results showed that(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM When a mandibulectomy causes discontinuity, the patient will need a rehabilitative prosthesis to achieve a proper occlusal relationship. TECHNIQUE This article describes step-by-step guidelines for measuring the patient-specific mandibular guide flange angulation. In the presented technique, the flange angulation is determined by(More)
OBJECTIVES Fracture strength is an important factor influencing the clinical long-term success of implant-supported prostheses especially in high stress situations like excessive crown height space (CHS). The purpose of this study was to compare the fracture strength of implant-supported fixed partial dentures (FPDs) with excessive crown height, fabricated(More)
Dental implants have provided exceptional rehabilitative options for edentulous and partially edentulous patients. However, as more implants come into play, the more the clinicians come across problems where specific considerations must be taken into account to meet expectations. The Toronto Bridge is a treatment modality proposed for restoring several(More)
AIM The purpose of the current study was to compare the fracture resistance and mode of failure of zirconia and titanium abutments with different diameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fourteen groups of abutments including prefabricated zirconia, copy-milled zirconia and titanium abutments of an implant system (XiVE, Dentsply) were prepared in different(More)
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