Safiullah Faizullah

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—In QoS-enabled network, for example ATM, connections which exhibit rapidly changing traffic characteristics, renegotiating the bandwidth requirements becomes inevitable. The sender initiates renegotiation whenever bandwidth requirements change. If the newly requested bandwidth is not granted, the sender keeps on invoking the follow-up renegotiations with(More)
We have introduced and studied a scalable pricing scheme as an effective regulatory tool that provides proper incentives so that users' self-interest will lead them to modify their usage according to their needs. This scheme resulted in better overall network utilization and enhanced users' satisfaction. In this work, we further study the scheme from(More)
Ever since its inception, the Internet has seen unprecedented growth. Consequently, researchers have been actively looking for means and ways to influence the behavior of its selfish users. Pricing was soon realized as the regulatory tool to provide proper incentives so that users' self-interest will lead them to modify their usage according to their needs.(More)
Real time video multicast has always been a topic of active research for almost all types of computer networks. With the shift of focus towards Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), several approaches have been suggested for the creation and maintenance of multicast trees in the dynamic and unpredictable environment of MANETs. This paper presents a simple and(More)
As a result of rapidly changing traffic characteristics in QoS-enabled networks oftentimes renegotiating the bandwidth requirements are needed. Once renegotiation is started, the sender keeps this process of invoking renegotiation until new requirements can be fulfilled (or until connection is eventually terminated.) The frequency of polling the network is(More)
With interconnectivity between IT Service Providers and their customers and partners growing, fueled by proliferation of IT Services Outsourcing, with some providers gaining leading positions in marketplace today, challenges are faced by teams who are tasked to deliver integration projects with much desired efficiencies both in cost and schedule. Such(More)
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