Safiriyu Eludiora

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Cloud computing paradigm is a service oriented system that delivers services to the customer at low cost. Cloud computing needs to address three main security issues: confidentiality, integrity and availability. In this paper, we propose user identity management protocol for cloud computing customers and cloud service providers. This protocol will(More)
In translating English sentences (text) to Yorùbá sentences (text), some Yorùbá verbs change tone from the bilingual dictionary low-tone to mid-tone when they are translated to Yorùbá. They are called tone change verbs. These tone change verbs do pose some challenges in English to Yorùbá machine translation. Most of the time it changes the meaning of the(More)
The proliferation of web services; and users appeal for high scalability, availability and reliability of web servers to provide rapid response and high throughput for the Clients’ requests occurring at anytime. Distributed Web Servers (DWSs) provide an effective solution for improving the quality of web services. This paper addresses un-regulated(More)
Transparency in transactions can only be achieved through a controlled coordination of the real and cyber worlds. The success of Ubiquitous Commerce Systems (UCS) relies on the convergence of both worlds. The mobile devices are ubiquitous; they can be used anytime and anywhere. This poses a lot of security challenges in a ubiquitous society where business(More)
The study reported in this paper considered the translation of English language verbs‟ group to Yorùbá language verbs‟ group. The study considered the verb group issue among different issues that affect English to Yorùbá machine translation (EYMT) system. The EYMT is a project that started some years back. The EYMT project was experimented and then raised a(More)
Metro Ethernet networks (MENs) technology has provided economic sustainability to small and big enterprises. Today, individual and organizations rely on ICT to perform daily operations. The costs of using these services determine the accessibility of the users. MEN is flexible to use compare with other switch network like ATM. In this paper, features of MEN(More)
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